The secure testing app for Chromebooks.

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Reduce cheating. Increase test integrity.

When deployed on Chromebooks:

- SecureQuiz prevents loading of additional tabs or second browser

- SecureQuiz prevents viewing Google Form page source / answers shown therein

- SecureQuiz makes it easy for educators to visually verify that students have successfully launched the app.

- SecureQuiz supports 92 languages via a virtual keyboard. (¡Viva el español!)

- Students can quickly start a quiz with an easily generated, 6 digit access code

"Just deployed app to all my Chromebooks for Ts to use. Works well with #GoogleForms! Teachers are excited to use it."

- Eujon A. (Troy City Schools, AL)

Deploy the App

Your school's GSuite Admin will deploy the SecureQuiz app to managed Chromebooks. Once the app is deployed, individual teachers can create and administer quizzes easily.

Create a Quiz

Create your quiz as a Google Form.

Generate a Code

Use to shorten the url of the quiz you have created. The last 7 url characters are the access code you will use in SecureQuiz.

Securely Quiz

Students launch the SecureQuiz app on their Chromebooks and enter the 6 digit access code to start the quiz. A quick glance at any screen signals when SecureQuiz is active.

Rinse & Repeat

Create codes for alternate quizzes in seconds.

New for v.6.0:
Integrated virtual keyboard supports 92 languages.

We new friends!

Ongoing and major updates are announced on Twitter @securequiz.