SecureQuiz FAQ

What is SecureQuiz?

SecureQuiz provides a simple, fast, and secure testing platform on Chromebooks.

Teachers new to Chromebooks often struggle when using Google Forms as a quiz or testing platform. Many students have figured out that it’s incredibly simple to cheat using the Chrome browser. It takes only an instant to load a second browser tab (CTRL +TAB) and search for quiz answers. And, that’s only one of countless creative methods students use to cheat in the modern era. They’re resourceful, doing everything from viewing a web page’s source code to reveal answers, sending a quiz url (or entire quiz) to another student, or any of a number of other means developed by the “student hivemind.”

SecureQuiz solves this problem by launching a protected testing environment on Chromebooks.

Redesigned in 2019, our humble Chromebook app has been deployed to dozens of districts on tens of thousands of Chromebooks, and has been used throughout the world.

What is a Quiz Code?

A Quiz Code is a short key which points to a Google Form (aka Google Quiz). Our tools will convert long urls such as:

Into a short Quiz Code:


Students load the free SecureQuiz app and enter the Quiz Code to begin testing.

How do I sign up?

Teachers and administrators can sign up for a free SecureQuiz account.

How much does it cost?

More information about our free and paid versions can be found here.

How do I install the free Secure Quiz App?

A technology staff member with access to your district's Google Admin Console can deploy the app to all Chromebooks in under five minutes. Details are available once you sign in to your account.

What is the difference between SecureQuiz Classic and SecureQuiz Pro?

Check out the comparison table here.

What are the benefits of a Secure Quiz Pro account?

-Quiz codes can be set to active, expired, or disabled.
-Password protect any & all quizzes.
-Quizzes have no maximum number of uses.
-Monitor quiz code use by day & hour.
-Unlimited daily maximum quiz code generations & variations.
-Set expiration dates for any quiz.
-Export quiz codes and urls via .csv.
-Quiz code use statistics.
-QR code for all short urls.
-Copy to clipboard feature.
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