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Professional Edition -SecureQuiz Pro School & SecureQuiz Pro District (Groups)
** Purchase Order **

Please be sure to include the following with your purchase order:
- The contact name and e-mail address of the person who should receive account information.
- Faculty Account Details (see below)

** Faculty Account Details **
Please provide a .csv file with the names, school building(s) and email addresses of each faculty member to be granted SecureQuiz Pro accounts.
Details and a template:

** SecureQuiz W-9**
Download our W-9 here:
A W9 allows your accounts payable department to add SecureQuiz as a vendor - allowing you to create a requisition and generate a PO number.
Once you have that PO number, you can complete and confirm your order by returning the subscription confirmation notice.

Professional Edition - SecureQuiz Pro Teacher (Individual)
** Credit Card **
To order online via credit card, sign up for a free account and click the 'renew' tab on the top menu. Click the "Pay with Paypal" link.

Annual Costs
SecureQuiz Pro Teacher $10 /year (one faculty account) SecureQuiz Pro School $250 /year (up to 50 faculty accounts)
SecureQuiz Pro District $500 /year (up to 500 faculty accounts)
Please contact us for assistance with districts requiring more than 500 faculty accounts.

Tax Exemption
If you are tax exempt, please submit your current US state tax exemption certificate with your purchase order.

Trial Period
Contact us if you'd like to evaluate our SecureQuiz solo or with your colleagues. The SecureQuiz Pro trial is 60 days.

Formal Quote & Additional Questions
Please reach out - I'll be glad to assist.

Eric Unangst | Founder
The simple, fast and secure testing platform.

Office: 440.941.1001
Twitter: @SecureQuiz
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