SecureQuiz: Reduce Cheating & Increase Test Integrity on Chromebooks.

Secure Any Test in Seconds.

- Prevent students from loading an additional tab or a second browser to find answers.
- Stop students from viewing answers within page source code.
- View active quizzes from across the room and the elapsed time on student screens.
- Provide students with access to quizzes in seconds.
- Test in any one of 92 languages via our virtual keyboard.
- Prevent access to external storage, screenshots and printing.
- More...

Installation is simple.

Deploy the App

Your school's Google Admin deploys the SecureQuiz app to managed Chromebooks. Once the free app is deployed, teachers can create and administer quizzes easily.

Create a Quiz

Create a quiz within Google Forms.

Generate a Code

Sign into your SecureQuiz account and generate a 5 digit quiz code.

Securely Quiz

Students launch the SecureQuiz app on their Chromebooks, enter a 5 digit quiz code and start their quiz.
You can easily monitor its use within the SecureQuiz app or a quick glance across student screens.

Rinse & Repeat

With SecureQuiz Pro, you can create alternate quiz codes, password protect quizzes and archive quizzes for later use.

What SecureQuiz Users Are Saying...

"Just deployed app to all my Chromebooks for teachers to use. Works well with #GoogleForms! Teachers are excited to use it." - Eujon A. Troy City Schools, AL
"Today our class used @SecureQuiz for the first time. HIGHLY recommend fellow teachers!" - Courtney D. Anderson, SC
Reach out if you'd like use to feature your feedback and praise too!

Simple Fast Secure

SecureQuiz - Better than ever!.
- Redesigned w/dozens of additional features for 2023.
- We're the original locked quiz app for Chromebooks.
- Featuring best in class security for evaluations or links.
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Easily create trackable, short quiz codes to use within the SecureQuiz app!
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